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About Jane Sklar

In 2011, I started an art business as a professional photographer after working in the darkroom for over a decade. The business quickly morphed into a unique technique of combining original, digital imagery, invented by my mentor, Max Cartagena. I adapted a way of breaking down the layers of a photograph using older computers and PC programs without using Photoshop®.

In this technique, an art piece can combine many photos, and can also form the basis of a background of unrelated images; and the ideas are often experiments in color and subject matter.  It is a trial and error process by the nature of this journey.

Over the years the manipulations have become more challenging, and are viewed as digital collage work by many fans.  An art piece can take a couple of weeks, or even a year to do, and therefore I call myself a “digital painter” referring to myself an artist.

My current method of presentation is embedding a finished image in 17 gauge sheer matte aluminum using a dye sublimation permanent process.  This means the dyes and the metal form a permanent bond in the art.

This method does not need framing, and hangs ½” from a wall.  The work is signed on the back.

The artwork is one of a kind for its size and will not be reproduced.


Miles Davis has a paraphrased quote which motivates me to do this artwork and “play what is not there".  These are words I live by.

Please check out my member page at the Salmagundi Club for more information.

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