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Newsletter - November 2022

Jane Sklar

Nov 5, 2022

November 2022 News from Jane and Max

Hi all,

This is an exciting time of the year for us, and we are busy in this off art season with shows! It is always a hectic time for most people, and we wanted to get out this information as soon as possible.

So, good news from a recent show: Max and I placed for jury awards and prizes in our local art show in Bergen County, NJ on October 15th. We are working bigger as final art pieces, so more zen approach but a striking presentation on a fence wall of each of our best work.

  1. Jane is in an important photography show at the  Salmagundi Club with a noted artist and well connected woman with an avid  following. Her name is Bonnie Lautenberg. The show is called "You look familiar: Celebrities in the Wild" Jane has a rare portrait of Yoko Ono (one of a kind) that she took of her with permission at the Women's March in 2019.  There are lots of cool photos in this show. Please make time to see this:   for more info:  The show begins on November 7 and closes on December 2

  2. Our 2nd duo show is happening from December 11-17 at Salmagundi Club hours. The venue has been changed to the Hartley Gallery and bigger space for us (just steps down the hall) on the 2nd floor. Please bring art lover friends and come see our show. New works, metals, framed and matted pieces. For this show, sales are without gallery commissions!

  3. We have applied to several other smaller shows covering ground through at least January 2023. 

    Jane is in the Holiday Thumb-box Show running during our duo show on a lower gallery floor. Max and Jane have applied to a few more shows with end November-December jury results including a small works Photo show only, a floral show, and a show with a winter theme. No details yet. We are in process.

  4. There is a wonderful online show and sale Max and I will be in, sponsored by the Gramercy Neighborhood Associates (GNA) which should start in December. Look up details on their website:

If you have talked about a purchase with us at a previous show regarding works you are still thinking about, please get in touch.

Thanks and please don't hesitate to email Jane with questions and comments.

Jane and Max

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